Monday, October 4, 2010

Restaurants - Chinatown

China Town
Building #8, 
Street 55, F 8/4, 
Phone: 051-2854577

The food is usually very good, the accent being on fresh, clean flavours. The meal begins with a fiery peanut starter - peanuts are marinated in a combination of flaked red chillies and chilli oil - which is extremely delicious. For those who are not chilli addicts, thin slices of pickled cucumbers and carrots are also served complementarily. 

The Thai soup is an excellent way to start the meal - especially if the staff are reminded not to forget the crispy fried rice that goes at the bottom.
If you're feeling somewhat extravagant, the Peking duck is also highly recommended, complete with a fresh plum sauce, steamed pancakes, and sliced celery and cucumbers, to wrap into a delicious concoction.
If all goes well, China Town probably offers the best Chinese cooking in Islamabad.

Restaurants - Melody Food Park

Meldoy Food Park,
Near Aabpara, Islamabad

Melody Food Park is great addition in Islamabad and hundreds of people come here to enjoy food. Quality of food is good and service is just okay.

It is not a very high profile place to eat. But if you are looking for budget restaurant then you must go to Meldoy Food Park where there are around 25-30 different restaurants serving food dishes of your choice. In Rs. 100-150 you can enjoy really good desi food at Melody Food Park. So do try Islamabad this new specialty soon!!

Favorite Dish: Bone less chicken Handi and Seekh Kabab at Jahangir's shop. Sufi's chappal Kabab and Savor Food's Muragh Plaoo with Shami Kabab.

Restaurant - Pappasallis

13-E, Jinnah Super Market, 

Phone: 051 - 2650550

Pappasallis is Islamabad's oldest but mot popular Italian restaurant. If you want to enjoy real Italian food and also want to party then Pappasallis is the place for you. Move around on dance floor and then enjoy delicious food.

I would only say that PAPPASALLIS IS SIMPLY A MUST!!!

Favorite Dish: Almost every thing Pappasallis offers is delicious and my favorite. Try their Pizzas, Steaks and Pastas. In just Rs. 150 ($ 3 appox) you can enjoy delicious hi-tea twice a week from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. So try delicious Italian good at Pappasallis and feel the difference!

Restaurants - Subway

Shop 3 & 4, 64 West Masco Plaza,
Blue Area
Islamabad, 44000
Phone: 051-287-7248

Subway is a worldwide chain and don't get me wrong. I love the food. Now, some tips on getting the best possible experience here: 1. Check the sub of the day menu. It is much cheaper than the regular deal. So, u can either go on a day when the sub of the day is your choice. 2. I have seen people asking the staff to put everything (all sauces) on the sub. My advice: Don't do that. Seriously, the taste will be messed up if u put everything from mustard sauce to mayo. Select the taste, u want to try and go for it. 3. I have tried to get the sub extra-crispy. Make sure, they make it a bit brown. Its waaay to yummy this way but don't do that if u are planning on taking it out and eating later. 4. The drinks here are too expensive. Better bring them over and then get the sub. A good trip could include getting drinks from somewhere, coming here to grab the sub and eat it maybe at daman e koh. :)

Restaurants - Majlis

4, Hill Road
Islamabad, Pakistan.
Phone: 051 - 2828099

Hey guys if you wanna take ur girl out on a nice romantic dinner? Then this is definitely a good pick for a cozy date and good food...though its gonna be quite heavy on ur pockets so make sure u have to have loads of cash b4 embarking on mission "Majlis" :)

Restaurants - Ye olde Hangout

King Arcade,
Jinnah Super Market,
F-7 Markaz
Phone: 051-2650238

Its a small place with a lot of people smoking sheesha, Sheesha is good though just would appreciate if it was open air. Also, they charge 200rs - 300rs for first time visitors. I have had better in Islamabad.

Restaurants - Virsa Cafe

Gate No. 1, Lok Virsa, Garden Avenue,
Islamabad, 44000
Phone: 051-2558552

Virsa - The Heritage Cafe, located next to Lok Virsa / Shakarparian, provides Pakistani cuisine from all over the country. The fare is mainly Pakistani, so expect to find Kebabs, Mutton Deig, Chicken Barbecue, and the like on the menu. Bright colors and pin-ups rule the decor, while the staff, dressed neatly, wait on you with a smile. Best place for Iftar and dinner. An experience that you would never forget. Make reservations on weekends.