Monday, October 4, 2010

Restaurants - Chinatown

China Town
Building #8, 
Street 55, F 8/4, 
Phone: 051-2854577

The food is usually very good, the accent being on fresh, clean flavours. The meal begins with a fiery peanut starter - peanuts are marinated in a combination of flaked red chillies and chilli oil - which is extremely delicious. For those who are not chilli addicts, thin slices of pickled cucumbers and carrots are also served complementarily. 

The Thai soup is an excellent way to start the meal - especially if the staff are reminded not to forget the crispy fried rice that goes at the bottom.
If you're feeling somewhat extravagant, the Peking duck is also highly recommended, complete with a fresh plum sauce, steamed pancakes, and sliced celery and cucumbers, to wrap into a delicious concoction.
If all goes well, China Town probably offers the best Chinese cooking in Islamabad.