Monday, October 4, 2010

Restaurants - Subway

Shop 3 & 4, 64 West Masco Plaza,
Blue Area
Islamabad, 44000
Phone: 051-287-7248

Subway is a worldwide chain and don't get me wrong. I love the food. Now, some tips on getting the best possible experience here: 1. Check the sub of the day menu. It is much cheaper than the regular deal. So, u can either go on a day when the sub of the day is your choice. 2. I have seen people asking the staff to put everything (all sauces) on the sub. My advice: Don't do that. Seriously, the taste will be messed up if u put everything from mustard sauce to mayo. Select the taste, u want to try and go for it. 3. I have tried to get the sub extra-crispy. Make sure, they make it a bit brown. Its waaay to yummy this way but don't do that if u are planning on taking it out and eating later. 4. The drinks here are too expensive. Better bring them over and then get the sub. A good trip could include getting drinks from somewhere, coming here to grab the sub and eat it maybe at daman e koh. :)

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