Monday, October 4, 2010

Restaurants - Khiva

64, Main Margalla Road,
Sector F-6/3
Phone : 051-2823343

Khiva is a dining place with a difference. Serving traditional food from from Central Asia, the management have intelligently blended their menu with the mouth watering fare from our North West Frontier. One has a choice of dining indoors in a cosy, 'easy to move around arrangement ' or enjoy the rear lawn with its lily pond. There are other attractions in the form of a pool table and an informal area near the front entrance, but these are so located so as not to disturb the dining patrons. The good thing about the place is the quiet efficiency of the waiters and the presence of its pleasant owner Attique, a dynamic young man with a lot of pzzazzz. No visit to this wonderful eating place would be complete if one doesnt try their 'Shorbas'. In all Khiva is a very good addtion to Islamabad's top class dining places and definitely warrants a visit by the family. When you enter Khiva, you will feel like you are in a local craftsmen outlet. With locally made artwork and crafts decorating the entire area. Of course this is part of the great feeling of Khiva which has excellent service and good food.
Khiva has built a successful business by serving excellent food accompanied by good service, at reasonable prices, in a clean, well-maintained facility. Khiva’s quality standards ensure that guests remain loyal and visit our restaurant again and again.

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